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for soprano, electric guitar, and pedal board


written for Caroline Fresh, forever more than domestic; Parker Callister; and Nicky Young. 


This piece means a lot to me. It is my first exploration into electroacoustic sound. It is my first time experimenting with free time and unmetered bars. And it is the culmination of a phenomenal musical partnership and friendship with Ithaca-based soprano Caroline Fresh. It is about becoming oneself, discovering slowly how one best copes with life, and existing peacefully as a result⁠. It's another one of my pieces about coming of age... accepting the god, but denying the religion... and I hope, either immediately or after a few listens, it means something to you, too.


Caroline Fresh, soprano 


Parker Callister, electric guitar

Nicky Young, pedal board/electroacoustics

DOMestiquée, for soprano, electric guitar, and pedal board (2017)

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