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The idea for a "haiku sonata" came from my desire to craft a mulit-movement piece in which the names of the movements made a poem. Indeed, autumn skin beæt red / as it snowed in october /  summer's slice burnz still, is a Haiku. Deeper than that though, every movement also thematically pays homage to that line's corresponding number: the first movement focuses on the open 5th, the second movement has a seven-note motive; the last is in 5-8 for a time. I hope you have an interesting time discovering other ways I might have worked the Haiku scheme into the work: there are lots of little ones everywhere. 


As I mention on the inside cover: this piece is my sentiment to the blossoming adult. Live well, explore, and make music. Thank you for performing or studying my work. I hope it finds you well. 


Originally premiered by 

Esther Witherell, violin

Junwen Liang, piano

in Hocket Recital Hall, 2016


Revised addition premiered by

Hee-Yoon Ryu, violin

Sofia Medintsava, piano

Green Room, RIII, St. Petersburg Russia, May 14, 2018


...and at this time I was experimenting with 'Xaq'... 

Haiku: Sonata (no.1) for violin and piano (2018)

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