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Zaq Latino is an actor, musician, and composer based in New York City. After having fallen in love with the musical 'Wicked' at eleven years old, Zaq decided to audition for their middle school production of 'Sleeping Beauty' and... they weren't cast. But that didn't stop them! Zaq moved to NYC in 2019 and is super grateful to have been in 17 films to date and a dozen plays off-and off-off-Broadway. Zaq also recently made their network TV debut on Law and Order: SVU. Featured credits include Keith Miller's 'This Is My Hero Arc' and Zoe Kavanagh's 'Demon Hunter: Time 2 Kill.' In addition to acting, Zaq is a committed writer and producer; they are the founder and executive director of validBodies arts project, a 501(c)3 performance production company committed to identity-conscious casting. So far, vBap has produced three shows in NYC venues to audience acclaim. Zaq's feature film 'Welwitschia' is currently in the process of being independently produced. They are a trans-femme, non-binary person who aims to normalize gender non-conforming representation in professional spaces. Insta: @zaqlatino /

Current Show Reel

All headshots by David Noles,

Additional Clips

Comedy Clip - Wage War

Drama Clip - Love (Among Dreamers)

Film Stills

Unconditional, dir. Cody Lawrence

Unconditional Still000_edited.jpg

Wage War, dir. Michael Castro

Zaq Latino - Acting Reel (updated 10.17)
Media Player 11_12_2023 1_35_13 PM.png
Media Player 11_12_2023 1_36_15 PM.png
Media Player 11_12_2023 1_35_26 PM.png

I Love Juliet, dir. Terrence Arlyn

Afterlife Still 1_edited.jpg

Afterlife, dir. Lara Czernecki

headshot by David Noles

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