List of Works by Ensemble (chronologically ordered)

Commissions are noted with a double asterisk (**) before the title. 

Solo Works
The Brahmin's Son, for solo piano (2015) / premiered April 2015 by Patrick Cannady; Ithaca, New York
             i. fantasy 
             ii. rondo, "hustle & bustle"
graspinginFINity, for solo piano (2018) / upcoming premiere December 2020 by Benjamin Kopp; Sydney, Australia
             * Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Call for Scores, 2020
**fleeting faster, for solo piano (2020) / upcoming recording May 2020 by Patrick Cannady; New York City, NY
Chamber Works
Cadence, for string septet (2012-2013) / premiered March 2013 by Café Night Ensemble; Moorestown, New Jersey
exuberance, for brass quintet (2013)
Green, for six singers (2015), original text by Caroline Fresh / premiered April 2015 by Lucrezia Ceccarelli, Caroline Fresh, Elizabeth Embser, Nick Kelliher, Maxwell Kiesling, and Marshall Pokrentowski, conducted by Liam Mcgookin-Cunningham; Ithaca, New York
**Divine Intervention, for clarinet in B♭, cello, and piano (2015) / premiered March 2015 by Ithaca College Contemporary Ensemble;   
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ithaca, New York
Woes of the Women, for treble choir and piano (2015), text by Gagan Gill / premiered March 2015 by Ithaca College Sophomore                                                                                                                                                                                                    Singers; Ithaca, New York
Haiku Sonata, for violin and piano (2015-2016, rev. 2018) /
                                                                         originally premiered March 2016 by Esther Witherell and Joon Sung-ko; Ithaca, New York
                                                       Revised Version premiered ​May 2018 by Hee-Yoon Ryu and Sofia Medintsava; St. Petersburg Russia
             i. autumn skin beæt red
             ii. as it snowed in october
             iii. summer's slice burnsz still
insatiably.swilring.sweet.surprise, for wind quintet (2016) / premiered July 2016 by the Atlantic Music Festival Resident Artists;                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Waterville, ME (USA)
**soliloquy of the solipsist, for soprano and ensemble (2016), text by Sylvia Plath / written for Lucrezia Ceccarelli 
DOMestiquée, for soprano, electric guitar, and pedal board (2016-2017) / written for Caroline Fresh, premiered November 2016* by                            Caroline Fresh, Parker Callister, and Nicky Young; Ithaca, New York. *changes were made to the score post-premiere
Gnats!, for tenor and piano (2016), text by Hermann Hesse / written for Joseph Lupa, premiered November 2016; Ithaca, New York
**The Pulse of My Sisters, for low-voice choir (2017), text by Larsen Zia Wenzel / written for the Ithaca Gay Men's Chorus;                                                                                                                                                                              premiered November 2017; Ithaca, New York
from-the-groundUPfor wind quintet (2018)
A voicemail you may soon regret..., for soprano and piano (2018)
blakCat, a chamber opera (2018 - ongoing) / Scene 1 premiered May 2018 by Ann-Marie Iacoviello (Rosalie) and Wee Kiat Chia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (blakCat)
**dollHauz [three non-piano trios for violin, cello, and someone else]   (2019 - 2020) / written for Carolyn Regula and Dan Qiao
                                                                 premiered July 2019 with Anna Dunlap at Mostly Modern Festival; Saratoga Springs, New York
             i. the bedroom, becoming
             ii. the solarium, brightening
             iii. the garden, blossoming
             * being recorded and released on Orpheus Classical Spring-Summer 2021
**mud & straw, for violin and cello (2020) / written for Carolyn Regula and Dan Qiao
             *being recorded and released on Orpheus Classical Spring-Summer 2021
flick α', for brass quintet (2020) 
String Quartet
three unbalanced etudes (2015-2016)
             i. texture / premiered November 2016 by "First Four" String Quartet; Ithaca, New York
             ii. timbre / read April 2016 by Mivos Quartet
             iii. time
rev.rok.. (2016 - 2017) / read November 2017 by the Arditti Quartet; Boston, MA
foreplay (2018) / written for and premiered April 2018 by the JACK Quartet; Boston, MA
Large Ensemble
onceBlue, for wind ensemble (2016-2017)
             *Top 10 of 1000 Applicants, Singapore International Wind Band Composition Competition
Grounded [thirdbase and then-some], for large orchestra (2018) / read May 2018 by the Boston University Symphony Orchestra,                                                                                                                                                                                                          cond. Bramwell Tovey
hidden lakes, for an orchestra of solos, percussion, and strings (2020) / Semi-finalist (2021) for The American Prize in Orchestral Composition (professional division)
written on a boat on the way to Koh-Lanta, for chamber orchestra (2020)
bodies, for SATB choir, oboe, piano, viola, two cellos, and contrabass (2020 - ongoing)
             i. Bright star!, text by John Keats
             ii. Be Lost in the Call (Part 1), text by Rumi
             iii. Skies Opening, text from the Book of Genesis
             iv. Today, I found an Eden, text by Ramya Ramana
             v. Be Lost in the Call (Part 2), text by Rumi
Musical Theater
Leanna Johnson, a musical (2007 - 2009) / written with K. R. Siegel. Concept album/Studio Recording made in 2009
Beard, a musical (unfinished) / "Good Enough" premiered by Rachel Benjamin April 2015; Ithaca, New York
blue-electric (2017)
winds (2018)
forty-five (2018)