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score excerpt of fitting-in, for solo flutist (2021)


"Truly, [they are] without exception, an outstanding musician, composer, and sound artist."

       - Denise Nuttall   


 "Zaq is a well-rounded musician with strong technique and an understanding of music theory and craftsmanship that enables [them] to write engaging music, formally coherent and exciting at the same time."                    
 - Evis Sammoutis

On any given day, you may find Zaq Latino reading in French, binging all the anime Hulu has to offer, geeking out to Indian-Hindustani percussion, crafting a mean eggplant parmigiana, and 'doing art'. Described as "an outstanding musician, composer, and sound artist", Zaq is equal parts composer, actor, educator, and director—they are the founder of validBodies arts project, an arts production company dedicated to the mobilization of underrepresented voices. As composer, Zaq has worked with JACK quartet, Arditti quartet, and Divertimento Ensemble among others. Most recently, Zaq was named a finalist for The American Prize in Orchestral Composition for hidden lakes. A proud non-binary artist, Zaq uses they/them/their pronouns in professional spaces.


They hold a Bachelor of Music degree from Ithaca College in Composition and Voice and a Master of Arts degree from Colorado State University. 

Competitions, Festivals & Workshops

- Queer Urban Orchestra Call for Scores (2021-2022) World premiere of 'living enby' for orchestra; NYC (2022)

- Flute New Music Consortium - Winner of the Annual Composition Competition (Solo Round - 2021) for fitting-in, for solo flutist

- The American Prize in Orchestral Composition (professional division) - Honorable Mention (2021) for hidden lakes

- Divertimento Ensemble, I International Workshop Online for Young Composers - Solo Instrument (2021) World premiere of fitting-in for solo flute May 5, 2021; Milan, Italy

- Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Call for Scores (2020) Australian premiere performance of graspinginFINity for solo piano; Sydney, Australia

- My World Festival (2018) St. Petersburg Conservatory premiere performance of Haiku Sonata (revised version) for violin and piano; St. Petersburg, Russia

- Singapore International Band Festival Composition Competition (2017) Top 10 of 1000+ Applicants for onceBLUE, for wind ensemble; Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall, Singapore 

- Symphony No. 1 Call for Scores, Final 25 of 500+ Applicants for onceBLUE, for wind ensemble; Baltimore, MD, USA

- Atlantic Music Festival (2016) Composition Student, premiere of insatiably swirling sweet surprise for wind quintet; Waterville, ME, USA

- Bowdoin International Music Festival (2015) Guest Composition Student; Brunswick, ME, USA

Composition   Frank James Staneck     Jorge Villavincenio Grossmann     Evis Sammoutis     Ketty Nez
Voice                Dana Aversa          Abby Hase          Caitlin Mathes          Erik Angerhofer 
Ethnomusicology     Denise Nuttall     Marié  Abe     Orchestration     Joshua Fineberg
Choral Arranging     Sally Lamb McCune         Counterpoint     Marti Epstein
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